About the Mayhem Mothers


Interests- holding it together with wine!

Ever watched a mother at the school gate make a complete fool of herself? Perhaps she turned up with her shirt buttons gapping open, collected the wrong child or turned up to parents’ evening a week late. Well this is the diary of two such mothers, battling with working, the school gate and family lives that peter on the brink of daily fiasco and crippling embarrassment. We are the mothers you are secretly relieved that you’re not and this is what we laughingly call our attempt at motherhood.

By the way, you may come across (more than a few) typos and we’re really sorry if that irritates you. We did think about editing and perfecting our blogs. We even made a start but you know what? This is a blog about life: unpolished, full of mistakes and unedited and normally conducted at break neck speed. Our blog is a reflection of our lives – warts, typos and all!

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