Dignity lost and weight gained.

Oh Emma,

We started the week on what I thought would be a high with the arrival of our French exchange student but what on earth persuaded my beloved to introduce himself by singing the French national anthem whilst doing the goose step I will never know! It certainly wasn’t the start I’d hoped for.

And as it turns out (as we discovered at his very first meal with us, only half an hour after his arrival) he has (our French student not my beloved) a fear and revulsion for all things slimy so it’s perhaps unfortunate that the children should’ve produced 2 newts, a toad and a grass snake at the dinner table.  I haven’t persuaded him to eat with us since and can only assume he thought they were pudding.

Dinner is served

Dinner is served

It also turns out my entry into the Sports Day parent’s skipping race in a bra that was never designed to endure that level of intensity was ill advised. My children remain mortified and in light of the current ban on my ever taking part again, I’m not convinced the head teacher believes that the unveiling of my frontage was not deliberate on my part. Let’s just hope that the dad’s campaign to make me an annual event doesn’t gain any momentum.

And I finished the week with a salutary lesson in smugness which I now know to be a short lived emotion. When you see a posse of mothers who you know are collecting their children from the same event that you are, and they appear to be heading in a different direction at a different time to you, never ever assume that you, for once will be on time and at the right location. Humble pie, served half an hour after everyone else’s children have been collected and you finally track them down, can be hard to swallow. But at least I didn’t forget…..oh no, the French student! Got to run…

An inadequate bra is a  dangerous weapon.

An inadequate bra is a dangerous weapon.



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