This week i’ve been mainly breaking and forgetting things.

Monday – The one thing that is worse than watching your car being towed away, is realising that you’ve left your house keys inside it. 5pm, freezing cold and coatless, much hilarity caused to the children as I did a forward roll through the upstairs window. It is not going to be a good week.

Tuesday – I don’t think I’m over demanding when it comes to health and safety but even I have to question why there is a chainsaw in amongst the school bags?

It makes no sense

It makes no sense

Wednesday – Bearing in mind the need for 5 stiches and an evening in A and E, I think Mr P has taken the new foster dog’s arrival surprisingly well although for one ghastly moment I thought he was going to kill her with a saucepan. Fair to say he’s taken her departure a great deal better.

Thursday – Dear Emma, This week I have forgotten to order the school Christmas cards, failed to pay for a school trip on time and missed the AGM which I was chairing. They think I’m a fool, please tell me your week has been better?

Friday – What the hell is “Rainbow colour lunch box” day at school and do Haribos count? Headmistress headed in my direction in the playground, I fear she’s going to issue me with a red card but it may have been childish of me to duck behind the hedge and crawl back to the car.

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